By: William Seay

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Mystie Lucast is diagnosed with an intellectual disability, scoliosis, ADHD, and a number of other disabilities.

She’s also a gold-medal winning figure skater from here in St. Joseph (Missouri).

Mystie is a Special Olympics athlete, and she’s taking her talents to the 2013 World Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

“It’s not necessarily the medals.  The medals to me don’t matter.  It’s just showing that I love what I do,” Mystie says, with a winning smile that never leaves her face.

She talks about her medals with an attitude that is superseded by the overwhelming passion she has for her sport.

Still, she took gold at a competition in St. Joseph earlier this year; it’s the competition that qualified her for the World Games.

“Mystie is a sweet girl.  She’s very enthusiastic, with just about anything she does.  As far as an athlete, she’s very talented.  She has a lot of ability that we’ve been able to tap into,” said Debbie Cole, one of Mystie’s skating instructors at the Bode Ice Arena in St. Joseph.

Cole is helping the thirteen-year-old skater tap into that natural ability, but the drive to keep going and keep getting better all comes from Mystie herself.

“No matter what I give it everything I have,” she says, still smiling.  “For me, it’s seems that if you keep practicing over and over, it gets stuck in your mind and it won’t get out.”

When asked how Mystie will do in Korea, Cole said, “She has a very good chance.  She has to go out there and show them what she can do.”

She’ll have that chance in January.

Until then, Mystie will continue to practice – three days a week.

She and her family also need to raise $5,000 to get her to the games.

The Special Olympics organization in Northwest Missouri is helping her and her family with several fundraisers.