Averazse Parrish

Unified Partner • 24 • Shakopee, MN • Basketball

What does being a member of Special Olympics Team USA mean to you?
It means alot. I know all the athletes work really hard but I have pushed my teammates to keep working harder than last year. It means the world to them and berings me an unspeakble joy knowing they get to be a part of it. To keep helping my temmates become better on and off the court. To model a goal they want to reach and help them reach it. I want SO to grow in my area and have more sports options.

What are some of your favorite hobbies
Coaching, working out, family game nights

How has Special Olympics changed your life?
It has helped me understand how to the help. It has shown me that winning is not about the score but more about learning or trying something new and it's also changed my outlook on how to be a leader.

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